Legal Note

Holder: ENFIOS TEXGROUP SLU, the seller.
Street address: Ronda Xosé Castiñeiras 28. 27002 Lugo
Customer service phone: (+34) 982 510 109


Ronda Xosé Castiñeiras 28. 27002 Lugo (España)
Phone (+34) 982 510 109
General email:


Unless proven otherwise, it is understood that the products comply with the contract provided they meet all the requirements stated below, unless the circumstances of the case one of them is not applicable:

  • Be suitable for the uses to which ordinarily there are destined the products of the same type.
  • Be suitable for any special use needed by the consumer and user when it has put it in knowledge of the seller in the moment of celebration of the contract, providing that this one has admitted that the product is suitable for the above mentioned use.
  • Present the quality and performance typical of a product of the same type as the consumers and users can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and, where appropriate, public statements on the specific characteristics of the products made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or on labeling. The seller is not bound by any such public statements by demonstrating that he was unaware and could not reasonably expect the statement in question knew that the statement had been corrected at the time of conclusion of the contract or that the statement could not influence the decision to buy the product.


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